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    Our whole family absolutely loves this material.
    Chaplain Jeremy

    We are doing the program as a family and it is a positive time of interaction and humor that we all look forward to.
    Wendy H.

    My kids love all of the exercises – especially when they can act out different animals, etc.
    Crysti S.

    My children are very active. They run, jump, climb trees and ropes, they play tag and have air~soft gun wars. I always considered this their P.E. time, little did I know that there were many muscles my children were not using.

    The kids were very excited to try this out! They got up extra early with eagerness to start their days with a P.E. lesson. My kids are 13, 8, and 4.

    You know an awful lot about my daughter who has Down syndrome and have shared in some of her struggles and have watched many of her successes......There were times when Gess didn't want it to end and asked me to "play" more.

    Diabetes Can Be Controlled Through Exercise


    Diabetes: A Challenge For The Pancreas

    Diabetes is a disease which affects the person when the pancreas stops to function properly. In the past it was considered as an incurable disease however with the passage of time different drugs were introduced for its prevention. Medical experts consider diabetes as a group of metabolic diseases. Patients usually have a high level of sugar in their blood. Because of high blood sugar levels most patients suffer from a particular phenomenon known as polyuria, that is frequent urination. Diabetes is categorized into two main categories, Type I and Type II. In Type I diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce insulin. Patients suffering from Type I have to inject insulin as a cure from the disease. In type II, the pancreas does not function properly therefore it becomes insulin resistant. The pancreatic cells fail to use insulin. Medical experts suggest that diabetes can be managed properly if patients follow a proper lifestyle. The chances of diabetes are more in those people who do not indulge in any physical activity. The best prevention and cure for diabetes is regular exercise which can improve health at a fast pace.

    Exercise Can Help You Out

    It should be very clear that people have to manage diabetes as long as they are living. Therefore it means that diabetes should be handled like your own baby. If this baby is going to be managed in a proper way then negative outcomes of the disease can be minimized. Exercise is considered to be beneficial but the question is, how to make up the mind of the patient who has this problem mostly because of his/her nature? Counseling of patients can help make up their mind to bring change in the lifestyle. Regular exercise can help diabetic patients use oxygen in an efficient and effective manner. Burning of the stored fats through exercise will help the patient maintain their normal weight. The load off the feet will lower once the weight has been reduced by the person suffering from diabetes. Patients of diabetes should make milestones as far as the schedule of physical activity is concerned. For example they should try to increase walking distance after every two days. But increments should be decided in such a way that it could be achieved by the person himself.

    Exercise Can Improve Body Functions

    Exercise can also help towards the amount of medication needed for the treatment of diabetes. Exercise will reduce the blood glucose level as a result of which patients might not need medicines which are used for the reduction of the blood sugar level. The pancreas also starts to properly utilize insulin. Physical activity can help patients utilize their money elsewhere which has been saved from the purchase of expensive medicines. Reduction of stress is one of the unique characteristics which isconsidered to be the benefit of exercise for patients suffering from diabetes. Physical activity not only helps a person towards his medical fitness but it also contributes in a positive manner in the social development of the individual. An individual feels confident while interacting with other people. Diabetics are often concerned about how to start exercisingsince most of them are out of shape and consider it as one of the toughest tasks. The most suitable way is to consult a doctor before beginning an exercise program. Adoctor is the better person to guide an individual about how to start an exercise program and which type of exercise is good depending upon the patient’s diabetic condition. Diabetics should try to exercise every day at the same time and for the same duration. It improves the blood sugar level and helps the pancreas for proper functioning. A proper diet plan also complements the efforts towards overall health development.

    Psychological Effects Are Minimized Through Exercise

    Some people become mentally disturbed when diabetes is diagnosed. Most of them are of the opinion that their whole life will be ruined. Although it is a harmful disease but they should also realize the fact that there are many successful persons who were diagnosed with this disease at an early stage of their life but they still live a normal life. Patients of diabetes should keep their hopes high and try to fight with it. Alternate therapy for diabetes also suggests that physical activity is the best way to manage diabetes. Therefore patients should focus on it and try to develop the habit of regular exercise. There are three main types of exercises which should be performed by the patients of diabetes. These include aerobic, strength training and flexible exercises.

    Physical Activity Should Be Monitored By Doctors

    Before recommending an exercise,the medical specialist should make sure of how much change in the glucose level takes place before and after the physical activity. Rapid changes in the glucose level can occur during the exercise therefore it should be monitored properly since excessive activity will have negative repercussions on the health of diabetics. Besides exercise,diabetes can be controlled by making some slight changes in the routine. For example the use of stairs in lieu of the elevator helps reduce some calories and maintains the blood sugar level. Working in the garden can also be considered as a productive activity for the maintenance of health. Diabetic patients often ask which type of exercise is suitable for them. Experts suggest that a brisk walk is considered to be one of the most effective exercises as it doesn’t require any tools and equipment to start with. Effects of high insulin production are also minimized with the help of exercise and it revitalizes pancreas. The production of glucose by the liver is minimized and uptake of glucose by the cells also improves through exercise.

    Type I’s Problem

    The management of diabetes through exercise also depends upon the type of diabetes from which the patient has been suffering. Medical experts are of the opinion that if a person has been suffering from the type I disease then he will need the injection of insulin regardless of how much work out he performs. However Type II diabetes can be managed through exercise. The fixed format of the exercise should be followed in order to get the get maximum benefits from the workout. Starting slow, warm ups, aerobic exercises, strength training, flexibility exercises and general movement are the best steps to follow for doing exercise.

    Medication To Drug Addiction

    Diabetes is considered as a progressive disease. But there are patients who manage diabetes through activity and diet. Progression in diabetes can only be observed once the patient starts to take medicine as a treatment. The patient’s body gets used to the drugs and he simply requires more medicine with the passage of time. Diabetics should be aware of self management instead of self medication. Self management through exercise will also help cope with depression and anxiety. It is possible to manage diabetes with the help of exercise. Diabetics should remain active and enjoy life without any worries. It is essential to stay determined throughout the process to ensure that a strict regimen is followed. Only then can diabetes be handled properly.

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